When does construction start

How Long Does It Take To Start A Build?

Your commencement date may change depending on several factors. Understanding the steps involved in locking in a commencement date is essential. Usually, your build will begin within 4-6 months after signing up for your house design initial meeting unless otherwise specified. 

Factors that can affect your construction start date:

  1. Finance Approval: this can take anywhere from 14-90 days, depending on your financial institution. 
  2. Construction Plans: Following finance approval, IDBG undertakes a lot of background work to get your construction plans drafted and approved.  
  3. Land Registration: If you have a new estate, you cannot begin building until you have registered your land. 
  4. SOF (Schedule of Finishes): once you have all your building and finance approvals, a finishes schedule will need to be completed. This is done through our design partners, or you can sign up for your interior design supplier. 
  5. Development Approval: Depending on the design, you can trigger a DA which involves getting a town planner to apply this process; the approval process timeframe can change depending on how much of a change to the QDC (Queensland Development Code) you are requesting. Once DA has been approved, it moves to the final stage to get Building approval.
  6. Certification / Council approvals: This is the final stage to get our Building Approval which means we can commence building works. This can sometimes take a couple of months due to increased building applications and reduced staff due to the current world climate.
  7. With all this now completed and the Building Approval issued, we can now plan the start on site. Normally takes approximately 1 month to book trades and suppliers in, this gives the project a good amount of time to make sure it runs smoothly.