About Us

Founded by Warren Jones, Innovative Design and Build Group brings together a talented team of top-tier builders who boast extensive expertise in the construction industry. With a focus on excellence, we have garnered a strong reputation in both the residential and commercial sectors. Our unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and comprehensive industry knowledge has positioned us as a trusted leader in the field. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are proud recipients of multiple prestigious awards, highlighting our outstanding achievements.


2023: Master Builders Housing & Construction Award Category J. Individual Home from $1 million up to $2 million - Imbocco

2022: Master Builders Housing & Construction Award Category M. Individual Home from $950,000 up to $1.25 million - Iliana

Trusted Partners

Our integrated design and construction philosophy means that the entire process is provided in-house, reducing time and costs that arise when engaging these services separately. We pride ourselves on continuous communication through these processes to ensure that your vision is realised.

Our Team

Meet our talented team

Innovative Design and Build Group takes immense pride in the exceptional group of individuals who make up our dedicated team. With a shared passion for construction and a commitment to delivering outstanding results, our diverse team members bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every project we undertake.

  • Warren Jones

    Warren Jones

    Managing Director

    Warren is an experienced professional in the construction industry, with a track record of success spanning several years. His passion lies in the creation of stunning homes and his drive for innovation in an ever-evolving industry. When not working, Warren prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones, cherishing moments with family and friends.

  • Aidan Buscombe

    Aidan Buscombe

    Construction Manager

    Aidan who appreciates diversity and excellence in his work, revels in the wide range of jobs he undertakes and the exceptional quality he delivers. His expertise extends across multiple architectural styles, allowing him to craft distinct and captivating homes. Outside of work Aidan finds joy in simple pleasures like sharing a beer with his friends, engaging in the occasional game of golf, and cherishing precious moments with his two children.

  • Melissa Davidson

    Melissa Davidson

    Office Manager

    Mel is our main point of contact in our office. Coming from an accounting and human resources background she has enjoyed combining her knowledge alongside all of the new things that the construction industry throws her way. In her spare time Mel loves attending gym, in particular Reformer Pilates classes and spending quality time with her partner, friends and two cats.

  • Brandon Coimbra

    Brandon Coimbra

    Head Carpenter

    Brandon takes great pride in his work and finds fulfilment in stepping back at the end of a productive day to admire the tangible results of his efforts. During weekends, Brandon likes to escape the busy city life and immerse himself in the great outdoors. Camping and four-wheel driving allow him to explore new places, providing a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

  • Rebecca Chokly

    Rebecca Chokly


    Rebecca thrives on the diverse challenges presented by her craft. She finds fulfilment in the knowledge that her work will be admired and appreciated by others on a daily basis. Through the quality of her work, she effectively communicates her genuine care for clients and their homes, which she considers a special aspect of her profession. Outside of work, Rebecca leads an active lifestyle. She enjoys training her dog, engaging in friendly soccer matches, and unwinding at the beach with her partner.

  • Jonathon Bradfield

    Jonathon Bradfield

    3rd Year Apprentice Carpenter

    Jonathon takes great pride in overseeing the entire process of a construction project, from its inception and foundation to its completion and handover. Outside of work, Jonathon engages in his passion for AFL and appreciates the opportunity to unwind by playing a game of golf.

  • Brendan Parker

    Brendan Parker

    2nd Year Apprentice Carpenter

    Brendan loves having the ability and potential to build and broaden his span of knowledge that comes with the trade and working for IDBG. Outside of work, Brendan indulges in his passion for travel and exploring new places and cultures.

  • Hamish Muir

    Hamish Muir

    2nd Year Apprentice Carpenter

    Hamish loves being able to learn from a diverse range of people and continually expanding his knowledge within the field. There’s always more to learn and being surrounded by the IDBG team makes learning easy and enjoyable. Outside of work, Hamish indulges in his love for footy. Additionally, he takes pleasure in completing small projects at home. Hamish appreciates the opportunity to escape the bustling city with friends and family.

  • William Elvery

    William Elvery

    1st Year Apprentice Carpenter

    William thrives on the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge within the realm of building and construction. He finds immense satisfaction in the sense of accomplishment that comes from independently completing projects. In his spare time, William indulges in his love for cars, dedicating time to work on them. He enjoys listening to music, expressing his creativity through playing the bass guitar, and watching movies.