Choosing a builder

We have heard so many horror stories where projects have gone wrong, from builders doing a runner on the client once they have received the deposit, to leaving a project half complete, or even just the standard of craftsmanship some builders are happy with. It is extremely important that you do your research when it comes to choosing the right builder for you.

Reputation. When choosing the builder for your project it is vital to ensure you are choosing a reputable builder. Google reviews are a great place to start. Ask the builder for references from their previous clients, or just do your own due diligence.

Quality/workmanship. Is the builder proud of what they are building? The quality of the work may appear of a higher standard on social media, however seeing the builder’s work in person may pose a different story. It is always a great idea if you can organise a walk-through of one of their previous projects to get an idea of quality that you can expect from that builder.

Confidence and trust. From the initial consultation you should feel as if the builder is just as passionate and excited about your project as you are. Feeling comfortable with your builder will play such a big role in your project. If you are feeling as if they are not being completely upfront or honest around certain questions you might have, then that might be a sign to potentially re-think the builder you have chosen. The design factor of your project is so important, you definitely need a builder that is passionate about design and can help work alongside you to give your project that wow factor, but also be timeless for the years to come.

Time frame. This is a huge item that sometimes gets missed when going through the quoting stage with builders. One builder might come to you with a cheaper quote than another builder, however your project could take drastically longer to complete. Ensure that you and your builder are on the same page when it comes to your desired time frame for your project.